Accidentally deleted a file? Ways to get back

It only takes a moment of carelessness to permanently delete important data from your PC. But don’t worry, you may still be able to recover most of it, if you stop using your-PC immediately and use data recovery software. When a file is deleted, even from inside the Recycle Bin, it doesn’t actually vanish from the hard drive. Instead, the computer merely changes the file’s properties to make it invisible to the user. The file truly gets deleted only when the operating system overwrites fresh data to that space. You can try to recover thedeleted files using free software.

 MiniTool Power Data Recovery

This is a versatile software. It can not only recover the deleted files, but also help you save data from damaged partitions, pen drives, SD cards and CDs. MiniTool puts the retrieved files in folders, but you will have to go through several folders, Lost Files and Desktop, for example, before you find the actual files you were looking for. Once you have found the files, just click “save files” to get your data back.


 This lacks the advanced features of Mini-Tool , but one advantage of using Recuva is that you can see a preview before saving the retrieved files. This is handy because the computer often changes the names of deleted files to something like $ABC.MP3.

 Glary Undelete

 In our tests, this was the slowest of the three. But one good feature is its ability to home in on the full name of the deleted files. This makes finding the right files a lot easier. utilities/glary-undelete/


10 places to sell your old stuff online

The Indian consumer likes to stay abreast with the latest technology and devices. With multiple launches happening across categories such as phones, tablets, automobiles etc. every month, an average consumer is spoilt for choice.

The purchase is not limited to just shops anymore; online market in India is also growing at exponential rate. However, what happens to the stuff that is getting old? It is either handed down among relatives or just stuffed at a corner in the house accumulating dust, more often the latter.

An alternate solution is to just sell it online. Online selling is not as big as online purchase in India at the moment, but it is also growing.

The following websites are your best bet to get good money out of your old stuff without having to worry about getting conned.

Craigslist India

Craigslist India
Available for 16 states in the Indian sub-continent, Craigslist is the simplest form of online classifieds you can get. A simple registration is required after which you can access and post listings and take part in forum discussions.

One of the advantages of Craigslist is that it has cityspecific pages, so the you can put up listing for your home city and do a face-to-face transaction with interested buyers. There are some basic categories i.e. job postings, housing, for sale, services under which the classified can be placed.

There are further sub-categories as per specific requirements. Classifieds cannot be placed across geographical locations or across multiple categories. You can choose to show contact information or post with an anonymous mail id.

eBay India

Ebay India is one of the most popular sites for buying, but it also allows you to sell things. Much like buying, you have to register an account first before your can make a posting. You need to enter basic details of your item after which ebay shows you the various categories it can be linked with.

In the next step various details including title, condition, brand, pictures and description is to be filled in for the listing. There is also an option to select if it will be an online auction (bidding) or a fixed price sale.

Finally, select the payment method via which you want to receive the money, provide the details on how the item will be shipped and if there are additional fees to be paid by the buyer for that. ebay gives you the option to make your post stand out by making it bold, highlighting it or featuring in gallery (these are charged extra).

Depending on the format, category and services selected ebay charges a small fee if applicable. Once the listing is done, a seller needs to provide a bank account to link with the ebay Paisapay account. When the buyer confirms receipt of the the item, only then the money is transferred to the sellers account.

Facebook marketplace

The marketplace is basically a third party application, which adds the ability of selling and buying on Facebook. The interface for posting is very simple and requires the seller to give a title, location, price, description, select the category and sub category that matches the product and add a picture.

Once the information is provided, seller can choose to show the product in the marketplace listing or just post to his friend list. The listing in the marketplace is automatically placed under a country specific page.

If the seller decides to share it only with the friend list, then the listing is not shown in the market page, but only gets posted on the user’s Facebook wall for friends to view.


Infibeam allows posting of sale classifieds only for automobiles at the moment . You need to sign-up for an account and go to the automobiles section. Here you can either choose to sell your car or bike.

Infibeam requires a detailed form to be filled to make a listing that includes location, make/model and condition of the vehicle, various ownership details, multiple images of the vehicle and a description.

Infibeam then calls up the seller to check the authenticity of the listing and only after that it becomes visible on the website. Any listing without images is not approved.


Olx is an India-specific classifieds site much on the lines of Craigslist. After a simple registration, a quick profile needs to be created with name and location details. Once done with the profile, a listing can be posted for sale on the site. Olx allows not just city-specific listings, but also area-specific listings to be made.

Just select the category, sub category, title, price and add a description. Moreover, the listing can be posted in various Indian and international languages as well. Other than attaching photos, Olx also allows embedding videos in the listings from YouTube, re-publishing the listing every week for one month and gives you notification via mail when a comment is made on the listing.

The Olx team then reviews the listing before it appears on the site.


Erodov has over 10,000 users with a dedicated classified section on gadgets and non-tech stuff. It also has a dealer section where bulk orders or dealers list special offers.



JJmehta forums is your place if you want to sell anything related to photography. The forum restricts its market section to only stuff related to photography.



Techenclave is one of the most active forums today. It has dedicated section for general sale posts, a specific dealer zone and a separate section on hot online deals.



If it’s related to automobiles , TeamBHP is your ideal forums. With over 60,000 users they have a dedicated classified section with listings arranged via car type, bikes, accessories and gadgets.



Over 20,000 users access Thinkdigit forums making ita great place to sell or trade off electronics. They do not restrict posting on any category, but due to the audience they serve, computer hardware is easier to sell here.




Can You Track a Mobile Number & It’s Location?


If you are thinking that you can easily get Name, Address Details, Location Details and other Private Information of any person just by entering his/her Mobile Number over various sites on the Internet, than you are absolutelyWRONG!


mobile number


It’s absolutely impossible for a common man to Trace/Track any Mobile Number and it’s current location.


Some months back I wrote a Post: Trace Mobile Number Location and Missed Calls by which you can get ONLYCity and State Details of a particular Mobile Number. The various Web Services mentioned in this Post gives you City/State Information based on First 4/5 Digits of a Mobile Number. E.g.: +91-99815xxxxx – This series belongs toMadhya PradeshIndia


And Thanks to this post, I was getting atleast 4-5 Emails per week where the sender was asking to:


  • Track the Current Location of his/her Stolen/Lost Mobile Phone
  • Give Address Details of some other person


In each and every Email either the Mobile Number or IMEI Code was attached!


In this post I am going to clear some points Again:


For Stolen/Lost Mobile Phone


If your Mobile Phone is Lost/Stolen, than immediately Contact Customer Care Number of your Mobile Operator and ask them What to do in this case? They might ask you to lodge an FIR Complaint at the Nearest PoliceStation and ask for your Mobile Phone IMEI Number sooner or later. If you don’t know How to Find IMEI Number of your Mobile Number, than make use of THIS PAGE for detailed instructions.


Do follow the instructions what Customer Care representative gives you.


For getting Name, Address and other Confidential Details of some other Person


This is NOT possible under any case!


No Mobile Operator gives such details to any Internet Website/Common Man as it’s a complete breach of Privacy. Only Government Officials/Agencies can extract such information from Telecom Operators if a particular Numberis being used for Illegal Activities, Threatening, SMS Scam, Special Cases etc.


So Remember, try not to disclose your/other person’s IMEI Number as well as Mobile Number over Publicly accessible Websites, Blogs, Forums, Email etc.


How to make Google verify your Blog (Verify site ownership)


1) Log into your google account through the Webmaster Tools Page.

2) Add your site

3) Go to the Statistics tab and click on the link that says verify.

4)In the web master tools section select “Upload an HTML file” as your method of verification.

5) Create a new page (not a post) and use the code they give you as the title. Example of the code:


6) Click to publish it.

7) Ask Google to verify your Blog.